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2021 – Cava de’Tirreni, Parco urbano

2021 – Cava de’Tirreni, Parco urbano
TYPE Public open space / Urban facilities / Culture and leisure facilities
CLIENT Comune di Cava de’Tirreni
YEAR 2021, progetto esecutivo
PROJECT with  Progetto Verde scarl (botanica e verde urbano): Interprogetti (s)

Cava de’Tirreni, Parco urbano Corso Principe Amedeo

The urban park in Corso Principe Amedeo, represents a lung of green and public open spaces, inside the urban context, it is part of a wider project of decongestion of the S.S.18. The ‘urban park’ is developed on the covering slab of the Salerno-Naples railway. From bottom to top: Railway tracks / Covered parking / Urban park, from the Caliri overpass to the bridge on via Tommaso di Savoia. The area is configured as an “urban void”, strongly related to the surrounding architecture, which has a dual need: the recognition of its condition as an essential component of the urban structure, with the consequent functional implications, and its constitution as a significant and recognizable element, essential connotation of the European urban culture: the square, the street, the architecture. Precisely because of its barycentric position, it is a “piece of the city” that fits into two already established pieces of the city: the historical west and the residential east.