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2009 – Siracusa, Waterfront Porto Piccolo

2009 – Siracusa, Waterfront Porto Piccolo
TYPE Urban design; Public open space
CLIENT Comune di Siracusa
YEAR 2009, concorso
PROJECT with THP (PCA, GNOSIS, Progetto Verde); de Siena; De Giovanni;
Artale; Balsano; Maltese; Gionfriddo; D’Amico; Lanteri.
consulenti Bordone (geologo); Tortorici (archeologo)
The project for the new water front in the Porto Piccolo of Syracuse reconfigures the relationship of the city with the sea and with Ortigia. It is characterized by the reorganization and the creation of new pedestrian-cycling paths, the restoration and the enlargement of the public park, the reconfiguration of the area of the Naval League, the realization of the new seat for the Ribellino club, the design of the area of the Calatafari basin with the identification of an archaeological basin and the memory square; a new pedestrian bridge connects directly the port with the island of Ortigia and a marine animal with the reconfiguration of the piers characterizes the promenade with new panoramic points.