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1971 – Massa Lubrense, casa G a Punta Lagno

1971 – Massa Lubrense, casa G a Punta Lagno
TYPE Residential
YEAR 1971, realizzata 1973

At landscape scale, the small stone-built house appears a large rock clinging to the cliff.
From close up it can be seen to be compatible with the morphology of the site: in the inner spaces there are contradictions and refinements. Access from above uses the roof-area which is almost a small theatre opening out on a wonderful vista. Inside, a continuous stairway perched over yhe rocks and the sea, crosses the space and continues outside as far the coast.
“Almost always responding to the spirit of the site, complexity and contradictions are present in the construction volume: where the site is more complex the structure is simpler and viceversa: each time varieties, derogations, different angles are produced by or merge into the built-up volume.”    (Renato De Fusco – 1985)