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2019 – OrbiTech

2019 – OrbiTech

international competition
OrbiTech – Or1gyn – UNI.xyz Design Together
with Center for Near Space

>  TARGET    OrbiTech is an orbital infrastructure dedicated to production and research. Additional functions are tourism, hospital, instruction and complementary services.
SpaceHub is the starting module for the composition of a planetomorphic orbital station, expandable up to a maximum of 10,000 inhabitants. Its dimensions determine functions that will be implemented over time: spaces for education, places of worship, first aid and assistance, small farms and fish farms.

>  STARTING POINT    CNS has studied the SpaceHub, space habitat for 100 people with interchange node functions, research center, manufacturing and maintenance workshop for incoming / outgoing shuttles and resort for tourists.
Scaled up to host 2000 people: we call it SpaceHub+

>  PLANETOMORPHIC CONCEPT    There are several projects of big Government space agencies! We have seen that many of these projects were in the past considered futuristic visions, founding their implementation only in science fiction movies.

Thus, with a view to combine architectural research and space technology, both, the already available and the futuristic ones CNS has coined the term “Orbitecture®”, contraction of “Orbital Architecture”, integrated discipline that includes the study of space infrastructure architectures, in terms of feasibility and conceptual design.
The concept, the team of CNS submits in terms of feasibility criteria, take the form of a “planet-morphic” concept, with typically planetary geometry, with the aim to producing an orbital infrastructure with secure connection to the Earth, and perfect permanence in orbit, representing a real frontier gateway for the future exploration of the universe.