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Since 2018, the Studio has been joined by “Civilizing the Urban” / PCA-ETS, a non-profit organization that projects itself into the future by germinating on experiences and reflections collected in this 200-page book, supported by hundreds of images, which can be downloaded here for free

Edizione italiana free download CIVILIZZARE URBANO, MPC_2018

Éditions françaises Téléchargement Gratuit 2018 – CIVILISER URBAIN

English editions free download 2018 – CIVILISING THE URBAN

This collection of reflections has the same name as the Foundation – ETS – which starts to circulate the systemic view of the transformations of our living environment and to guard the archives of PCA firm where research works, projects, models, videos, notes, writings and publications a continue to increase.
The almost commanding tone of the title points out a possible utopia.
The focus is on the substantial difference between “the city” and “the urbanized territory”, the logic of “fragment” and the objective of contributing to shape living environments forming the “second nature targeted to civil uses” and expressing human civilizations and values.
Since they are not chapters of a book, but a collection of autonomous texts having
different origins – not homogeneous, only reported in a logical sequence – the recurring images, references or reasoning can appear obsessive but they strengthen the thesis. They are research hints and lines consistent with planning and design experiences.