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2009 – La Spezia, riqualificazione architettonica e artistica di Piazza G. Verdi

2009 – La Spezia, riqualificazione architettonica e artistica di Piazza G. Verdi

TYPE    archaeological park
CLIENT    comune di La Spezia
YEAR    2009 concorso
PROJECT    with Michelangelo Galeota, Roccatelier Valeria Scandellari consulenza storica “Soggetto artista visivo” Riccardo Dalisi, Ornella Cavallo collaboratore artistico

The sense of the proposal is the transformation of a square to be crossed into a square to be lived in; born as a widening on the urban axis, now a car, parallel to the sea, underlined by the pines that mark its central axis, Piazza Verdi is proposed again as a unitary urban space enriched by activities, sensations, emotions: a large single-material and complex “bas-relief” articulated on the slight differences in height along the perimeter and enhanced by the new design. The square will be divided into sub-spaces, some of which will be in front of commercial premises, bars, service facilities, furnished with tables, umbrellas, heaters, etc.

The sculptures (linked in a system and in a continuous story) define the space of the water, the green space and, on the long sides, spaces to stay, in which the mobile furnishings taken care of by the shopkeepers will merge with the fixed furnishings in a continuous play of colours, uses, movement. In the central part, towards the sea, the presence of the school suggests a free, walkable space for students, within which a sign in the monochrome bas-relief that characterises the entire square recalls the presence of the Capuchin hill, a sign of the historical memory of the process of the formation of the city: about 150 cm high, it is shaped in three steps connected to the surrounding slopes and, at the top, by an inclined plane with a gentle slope to the road/water behind. Piazza Verdi of the third millennium with its ripples of marble and steel is intended to represent “the foreshore of the sea of La Spezia meeting its hill”.